Diaconate and Membership - South Harrow Baptist Church

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Diaconate and Membership


South Harrow Baptist Church currently has a membership of just over 40 committed people, however we have around 100 worshipping with us on a Sunday Morning including 20 children of varying ages and backgrounds although our fellowship consists predominantly of an older age group, and we would welcome young families.  The congregation represents many different groups of people such as Carribean, Asian, African, European to name but a few and its diversity brings a richness to our worship.  We are a welcoming and caring fellowship and open to all who come to worship with us.

Minister: Reverend Brian Bishop

Mrs Brenda Cripps
Secretary & Deacon / Trustee 

Mr Paul Luckham
Treasurer & Deacon / Trustee 


As well as our Secretary and Treasurer, we have three other Deacons/Trustees, who also oversee the church fellowship administratively and pastorally.
 Mrs Neva Gordon

Mrs Maria Graham
Mrs Alicia Davis

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